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Évangéline Revisited

OPERA IN TWO ACTS (2005) - in French

Libretto by Alexis Nouss

Premiered by Opera McGill, Julian Wachner, conductor - - timp+2perc - hrp - pno - str (+stage fiddle)


Duration: 120'

Évangéline: soprano

Évangéline 2: coloratura soprano

Longfellow: countertenor

Benoit: baritone

Basile: baritone

Gabriel: tenor

Leblanc: baritone

Père Félicien: baritone

Winslow: bass

SATB chorus

Wachner's music packs a punch, too. There is quite a bit of folk or folk-influenced material; there are cabaret episodes and lots of dance music; Verdi, Stravinsky, Britten, and others are evoked. There are grinding dissonances, but also much melody, glisteningly orchestrated, and with prominent solos for many instrumentalists who become storytellers, too.

The Boston Globe

It is safe to say that the music of Julian Wachner was responsible for most of the applause that greeted the world premiere...Wachner's music was at turns stentorian and lyrical, but always direct, and splendidly wrought whether for solo voice, chorus or orchestra. The many stylistic excursions (folk fiddling, jazz, cabaret) seemed to emanate from an expressive French core... he was also a good conductor ...the McGill Contemporary Ensemble was superb in the pit.

The Montreal Gazette 

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