Released: November, 2014

Oceanic Verses

Published by: VIA Records

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Paola Prestini, Composer
Donna Di Novelli, Librettist
Ali Hossaini, Filmmaker
Julian Wachner, Conductor


Helga Davis, Vocalist & Improvisor
Christopher Burchett, Baritone
Hila Plitmann, Soprano
Claudio Prima, Folksinger & Accordionist
The Choir of Trinity Wall Street, Featured Choir
Decoda, Featured Orchestra

A meditation on fading civilizations, the exploration is led by an archaeologist, played by improviser Helga Davis, whose investigation into the ‘artifacts of song’ carries her into a collision of the past and present. With a libretto by Donna Di Novelli, and poetry culled by Paola Prestini, Oceanic Verses is a 60 minute work featuring improviser Helga Davis, soprano Hila Plitmann, folksinger Claudio Prima and baritone Christopher Burchett.

A film by Ali Hossaini offers a contemporary perspective on the struggles within the opera through the prism of the character’s emotional journeys. The sequences are a part of a larger video environment that immerses the opera’s players and audience in the folkloric landscape that inspired it.

Oceanic Verses was released by VIA Records in November 2014.