Released: July, 2014

Missa Gentis Humanae

Published by: Musica Omnia

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A bold and original multilingual "Mass for the Human Race," Missa Gentis Humanae blends a traditional devotional liturgical text with passages from Borges, Virgil, Brecht, Dostoevsky, and more - in an 8-voice a cappella setting, recorded at the Church of the Redeemer in Chestnut Hill, MA, by eight select musicians from the celebrated Choir of Trinity Wall Street, conducted by Julian Wachner.  This work is a groundbreaking deconstruction and reassembling of the meaning of faith and its root in the past, its future illuminated through the world we live in today.


Julian Wachner, conductor

Sarah Brailey and Linda Jones, sopranos

Luthien Brackett and Melissa Attebury, altos

Steven Caldicott Wilson and Timothy Hodges, tenors

Thomas McCargar and Jonathan Woody, basses