Tue, October 12, 1999

Bach Ensemble brings breath of fresh air
The Boston Globe

Combine a Lutheran world-view with a learned but opulent, near- operatic compositional manner and you get the wonderful musical ouputs, created one century apart, of Heinrich Schuetz (1585-1672) and Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750).

Performing same is, of course, one of the things that Boston has been famously good at, thanks to such local heroes as Craig Smith, John Harbison, David Hoose. So who, you ask, were these upstart newcomers, not a one of them (we did check) having any association whatever with Emmanuel Music, the unofficial yet established center of such things?

In fact, the Boston Bach Ensemble is the creature (in existence since 1995) of Julian Wachner…

Tue, June 8, 1999

A commanding ‘German Requiem’
The Boston Globe

THE BACK BAY CHORALE AND PRO ARTE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Julian Wachner, conductor With guest conductor Beverly Taylor, soprano Andrea Matthews, and baritone David Murray At: Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, Sunday CAMBRIDGE—Sunday night’s concert served not only as a 25th anniversary celebration of the Back Bay Chorale, but a tribute to Larry Hill (1936-1989), conductor, clergyman, and social activist, who founded it and the Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra. His presence is still felt among us, many will attest, as well as deeply missed.

Mon, November 23, 1998

Wachner finds freshness in Bach oratorio
The Boston Globe

One has become accustomed, at about this time of year, to being accosted by the inescapable, ceaseless medley of tinkly sugar plums, thrumming drummer boys, and triplet kings, all-pervasively proclaiming life’s most concentrated commercial melee—oh, and the most sacred stretch of the calendar for most of the Western world. Seizing on that last thought, throughly cleansing the palate once more before the assault of saccharin, Boston University’s Marsh Chapel presented J. S. Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” Friday night…

Wed, November 18, 1998

Rachmaninoff’s religion soars…
The Boston Globe

Back Bay Chorale review by Richard Buell

Wed, May 13, 1998

Giving full measure to the majesty of ‘Elijah’
The Boston Globe

‘Elijah’ review by Susan Larson

Tue, May 12, 1998

“...pairing results in stirring ‘Elijah’”
The Providence Journal

‘Elijah’ review by Channing Gray

Wed, April 29, 1998

Early-music pearls; Wachnerville
The Boston Globe

Composition review by Richard Buell

Tue, February 24, 1998

New music that’s both lush and spare
The Boston Globe

article by Susan Larson, Back Bay Chorale New Music Festival

Sat, February 21, 1998

Julian Wachner’s new voices
The Boston Globe

Julian Wachner is a complete musician—composer, keyboard player, singer, and conductor. Not yet 30, he is already making the kind of personal impact on the local music scene that some of his friends and mentors did when he was their age.

Wachner is music director of the Back Bay Chorale and the Providence Singers in Rhode Island; he is director of music at Boston University’s Marsh Chapel and leads programs by Time’s Arrow, a BU new music ensemble. He teaches at BU’s School of Theology and in the School for the Arts, as well as at MIT, where, to his amazement, he finds himself sharing an office with John Harbison.

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