Compositions: Secular Vocal Works

Four Scenes from the Rubayyat

Released: September 2006

Catalogue Number: ECS-6956

Scored For: Men's Choir (TTBB) and Piano

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Mirrorlight Blue

Released: May 1991

Scored For: Voice and Piano

I. A Molten Glow
II. Under the Harvest Moon
III. Quiet music for quiet hearts

Planet X

Released: August 2003

Scored For: Women's Choir (SSSSSSAAA)

Rilke Songs

Released: July 2001

Catalogue Number: ECS-5889 - 5894

Scored For: Choir (SATB) a cappella

I. Die Gazelle         IV. Der Schwan        
II. Der Panther       V. Schwartze Katze
III. Die Flamingos   VI. Das Einhorn

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Sometimes I Feel Alive

Released: July 1998

Catalogue Number: ECS-5847

Scored For: Choir (SATB) a cappella

I. there is a moon sole (2:19)
II. as is the sea marvelous (1:55)
III. somewhere i have never traveled (3:18)

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The Hollow Men

Released: November 1994

Scored For: Low Voice and Piano

To My Dead Father

Released: February 1989

Scored For: Solo Baritone and Piano

War Songs

Released: August 1998

Scored For: Solo Baritone and Chamber Orchestra

I. The Road less traveled (5:12)
II. Dulce et decorum est (6:02)
III. Look down, fair moon (2:25)
VI. Reconciliation (4:37)