Compositions: Orchestral Works

Apollo’s Fire

Released: August 2003

Scored For: Large Orchestra


Released: February 1991

Catalogue Number: ECS-5845

Scored For: Chamber Orchestra and Choir (SSAATTBB)

I. Why are the nations
II. His mother sat up
III. We are silent
IV. I am a patch of shade
VI. Nunc dimittis

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Released: July 2003

Scored For: Orchestra

Come, My Dark-Eyed One

Released: May 2009

Scored For: Choir (SATB), Soloists and Orchestra

Passionate and dramatic music set to poetry by Sarah Teasdale, e.e. cummings, John Clare, Emily Dickinson, Alfred Tennyson and famed Turkik poet Ali-Shir Nava’i, whose poem forms the core and title of the work.

Concerto for Clarinet

Released: August 2002

Catalogue Number: ECS-6079

Scored For: Solo Clarinet and Orchestra

I. Misterioso
II. Molto Allegro

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Released: March 1999

Catalogue Number: ECS-5817

Scored For: Solo Organ and Chamber Orchestra

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Epilogue: The Sun

Released: August 2003

Scored For: Large Orchestra

Idyllwild Fanfares

Released: February 1994

Catalogue Number: ECS-6823

Scored For: Orchestra

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Released: December 1999

Catalogue Number: ECS-5824

Scored For: Orchestra

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Lifting the Curse

Released: December 2011

Catalogue Number: ECS-6953

Scored For: Narrator and Small Orchestra

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Regina Coeli

Released: October 2001

Catalogue Number: ECS-5832

Scored For: Solo Soprano, Choir (SATB) and Orchestra

I. Sinfonia (4:33)
II. Regina coeli (4:23)
III. Alleluia (3:41)
VI. Ora, pro nobis (2:40)
V. Finale (5:29)

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Rondo for Piano and Orchestra

Released: March 1993

Catalogue Number: ECS-5833

Scored For: Piano and Orchestra

Symphony No. 1

Released: May 2001

Catalogue Number: ECS-5842

Scored For: Choir (SATB) and Orchestra

I. Incantations (14:34)
II. Prayer (1:57)
III. Exile (9:36)
IV. Remembrance (2:27)
V. Reconciliation (5:24)

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The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Released: June 2004

Catalogue Number: ECS-6353

Scored For: Narrator and Small Orchestra

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The Stolen Child

Released: February 1992

Scored For: Orchestra


Released: May 2006

Catalogue Number: ECS-6730

Scored For: Organ/Large Orchestra

I. Logos (20:00)
II. Agape (9:00)
III. Angelus (9:00)

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