Compositions: Chamber Works

Concerning Passion

Released: March 2001

Catalogue Number: ECS-5815

Scored For: Horn and Piano

I. L’amore (6:02)
II. La Caccia (2:40)
III. Scherzo (2:37)
VI. Passion (6:18)

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Released: April 1997

Catalogue Number: ECS-5816

Scored For: Clarinet and Piano

I. Prologue (5:18)
II. Lamentation (3:35)
III. Molto Allegro ed agitato (4:18)

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Released: March 1999

Catalogue Number: ECS-5817

Scored For: Solo Organ and Chamber Orchestra

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Dances and Apparitions

Released: March 1991

Catalogue Number: ECS-5818

Scored For: Violin, Marimba, Double Bass and Piano

I. Introduction (5:08)
II. Minuet (8:54)


Released: September 1998

Catalogue Number: ECS-5819

Scored For: Flute, Bassoon and Piano

I. Introduction (2:50)
II. Enchantment (8:03)

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Fantasy on “Marsh Chapel”

Released: May 1992

Catalogue Number: ECS-5846

Scored For: Solo Organ

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Released: May 1996

Catalogue Number: ECS-5826

Scored For: Choir (SATB) and Chamber Orchestra

I. Hear my Cry
II. Alleluia
III. By the waters of Babylon
IV. Alleluia
V. Psalm 121

Mus.Doc. Dissertation May 1996
Boston University S.F.A.
Lukas Foss, Marjorie Merryman, Charles Fussell, jury


Released: January 1992

Catalogue Number: ECS-5827

Scored For: Flute, Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Piano and Cello

I. Molto Adagio (5:22)
II. Vocalise (2:08)
III. Trio (2:09)
IV. Recitative (1:52)
V. Sur la neige (3:01)

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Piano Sonata

Released: February 1988

Scored For: Solo Piano

I. Allegro
II. Dolce
III. Allegro


Released: October 1988

Scored For: Solo Piano

I. Molto Allegro
II. Berceuse
III. Molto Ostinato

Soliloquies and Transformations

Released: September 2000

Scored For: Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin and Cello

String Quartet No. 1

Released: November 1992

Catalogue Number: ECS-5838

Scored For: String Quartet

I. Chorale (3:58)
II. Scherzo (2:55)
III. Fugue (7:20)

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Toccata, Adagio and Fugue

Released: December 2011

Catalogue Number: ECS-5843

Scored For: Solo Organ

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